Friday, August 20, 2010

While I have WIFI....

Well, it seems that whenever I have time to blog, the wifi connection just isn't strong enough to allow me to create a new post. The server for this website requires a fairly good signal, I guess. So, in the past two weeks since I have blogged, I have knocked on a lot of doors (figuratively), been shot down on a lot of interview attempts, subsequently convinced to go on a weekend holiday to Hong Kong with my Filipina friend, Nalla, and actually completed some good work upon return.

Hong Kong is an amazing city. I really haven't fallen as hard for one since Seattle, although I was rather partial to Hanoi a few years back. But where Hanoi was inescapably chaotic, Hong Kong is smooth and efficient. And yet, it's always on the go. What I like best, though, is the multicultural flavor it brings to the table. There are people of all skin tones and all nationalities running around and swirling together, meeting, drinking, dancing and doing business. The night life is pretty great, too. Hong Kong is the epitome of 'work hard, play hard.' I think my dad would like it. What I liked about it was that everyone seems to go dancing all the time. My kind of nightlife.

Upon return to Cebu, I had an interview with the Agricultural Officer of Cordova, who filled me in on the history of the user's fee system of the Gilutongan Marine Sanctuary. Then a few days later I traveled to Dumaguete, where I met with the Municipal Planning and Development Officer of Dauin, who shared similar information for the sanctuaries of their municipality. Today, I completed my 10th interview with a professor at Silliman University, who has been studying the social implications of various aspects of tourism here in the Philippines for quite some time. I return to Moalboal tomorrow to hopefully complete the last of my interviews that will comprise the primary portion of my data collection. Here's hoping everything goes well! Below, I have attached some photos of this beautiful old church here in Dumaguete. I have been too busy working to be much of a tourist, but Bridget and I stumbled across it while going out for dinner one night.

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