Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Moalboal: This is More Like it!

Hello. Thursday night, I moved to Moalboal. My thesis adviser, Patrick, and Bridget came down with me for a night to go diving. Moalboal (pronounced Mo-Al-Bo-Al) reminds me much more of my previous adventures in Southeast Asia. It's nice to be out of the city and the scenery is very pretty. The three of us stayed at a very pretty resort over in White Beach, the more upscale tourist part of Moalboal. It was so gorgeous! We went for an evening dive as soon as we got in. There was a humongous school of sardines. They moved as a group, and the late afternoon light reflected off their sides like disco lights. It was very cool.

The next day, I moved over to Panagsama (harder to say: Pa-Nag-Sama) I got the hook-up price-wise in terms of my accommodations. Moalboal is pricy in terms of Philippines accommodations, and my lodgings are really cheap. Plus, I have a private bath and aircon. The biggest problem with my room is there is about a two inch gap between the door and the floor. Currently, I am sharing my room with a cockroach that is just too big to smush. So I am trying to ignore him. But, my place has free wifi for guests, which is very handy for working. Wish coverage extended to my room, but I guess you can't have everything. Panagsama is not as postcard-perfect as White Beach, but it has its moments. I have made a couple friends, and Saturday night we went to the disco. It only happens once a week, and is the biggest weekly social event of three neighboring villages! It was very fun, lots of dancing.

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