Sunday, July 25, 2010

Least Favorite Roommate

So. One morning, I woke up and this spider was in my room. I thought that I would share the picture with you. I hid on my bed, only brave enough to take a picture using the full extent of my zoom, and called a friend to come kill it for me. I have had some interesting critters decide they want to bunk with me. My favorites are the geckos. This spider was definitely at the bottom of the list. My friend says that they are just house spiders, but I personally feel like there is nothing about that spider that belongs in a house.

The interview has progressed a bit. I have now completed three interviews. I had hoped to be a bit farther along by now, but I have had some problems hearing back from people, and several individuals I wanted to interview last week went out of town. With my free time, I have been a bit of a tourist. I got a massage and went diving, and went out at night with a new crew that's in town for the week: two Danish guys and an Austrailian. They were lots of fun! They are probably headed to the city now, as Moalboal was there last stop before heading home from the Philippines. Here's some pictures of our dive trip.

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