Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Serious Denial

Well, this is really more of a trial blog then an informative one. I am deep in the midst of cranking out grad applications and last minute trip preperations. It doesn't feel real. If I had time to actually sit for awhile and think about what's to come, I would probably feel quite differently. But for the moment, I'm just desperately trying to get it all done. Just so you know, there will be no hurt feelings if you don't want to read my blog, I'm not that self important, but since I'm not bringing a computer, I thought I'd set something up where interested parties can check in. 4 days to go.

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Drazic said...

JENNY!!! i miss you!!! Be safe and have fun!!...(I'm the one telling you to be safe? dont understand that one) Well I'm gonna check in and see how everythings goin!!! AHHH hope you have a blast...

P.S. I'm up studying at 3:15 am mountain should be proud 2nd mom!